App to Download: Virtual Fitting Room Fashion App, Stylewhile

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We know the moment all too well: You purchased that hard-searched clothing item online only to find out that it looks completely different in-person than it does online. Now, thanks to the new iPad app Stylewhile you won't have to return or second guess your online purchase, because now you can virtually try on the products. Stylewhile lets you pick a real-life model based on your body type, skin and hair color, then with just a few swipes, you can try on a mix of clothing (and play stylist by building outfits) to test out which sizes and looks work best for your body. If you love the items you "tried on," the app also allows you to directly shop from retailers like Saks Fifth Avenue, the app's current exclusive partnership (with more e-retailers coming soon), giving your fingertips access to international designers including Diane von Furstenberg, J Brand and Alexander Wang. "This new app will make their online shopping easier and more fun," said founder and CEO Jutta Haaramo in a statement. "Our dream is to build an app that helps women to find and buy the right items so that there would be a lot less of those ’I have nothing to wear’ moments or ‘this looks differently in person than it did online’!" Consider it done! Download the free app for iPad with IOS 6 and 7 operating systems at

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