Stewart had some strong words for the Queer Eye star.


In an end-of-decade twist that no one (NO! ONE!) saw coming, Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski and Martha Stewart appear to be … feuding?

It all began on Monday, when the food and wine branch of QE’s fab five posted a (seemingly) innocent photo of himself in a stable, petting a horse.

One day later, Stewart commented on the image with some Instagram-related grievances. “Dear antoni: this is @marthastewart48,” she said, cutting straight to the chase. “You did not tag me on this photo of my stable nor the photo of my beautiful dogs Han, Qin, bete noir and creme brulee. We are bummed about that because you have so many followers and you are my Christmas cookies!!! You were nice not to post the forbidden scenes and we thank you!!!”

Let’s break this down. For starters, Martha would appreciate credit where it’s due — and some new followers apparently. The “you are my Christmas cookies!!!” bit is probably meant to read “you ate my Christmas cookies!!!” but we’d like to hold out hope that “Christmas Cookies” is an endearing nickname from one culinary expert to another. As for these so-called “forbidden scenes”? Um, did Snoop Dogg bring some “special” baked goods to the holiday party?

Anyway, Porowski, not one for social discord (except for that time he told a QE subject she reminded him of his mom, and then added, “And I don’t have a relationship with her” ... ), cleared things up in his Instagram story, writing, “Dearest @marthastewart48 (I got your insta right this time), apologies for not respectfully mentioning dear doggos Emperess [sic] Chin, Emperor Han, Bete Noir, and cuddle monster Crème Brulee. They deserve recognition also I rewatch your cabbage roll demo with your dear mum Mrs. Kostyra more often than I care to admit. Also @moll_doll23 [Molly Wenk] would’ve wacked me across the head if I posted said forbidden scenes.”

Antoni Porowski/Martha Stewart comment
Credit: Instagram/Antoni

Just when we thought Porowski’s response would be the nail in the coffin that is this strange, social media-driven “feud,” another set of shots was fired. The Netflix star posted another photo from this time at Stewart’s place, sharing an image of himself warming his hands over a fire pit. “patiently keeping my hands warm by her fire pit until @marthastewart48 follows me back,” Porowski joked in his caption.

Stewart commented again, writing, “I think we started a social media ‘feud’ which was not the point I just wanted you to acknowledge my fire, my animals and my food which you seemed to love???”

We have a feeling Porowski will never again make the mistake of ignoring Stewart’s fire.