Credit: Instyle // March 2015

Even if you haven't read the Divergent series by author Veronica Roth, it's worth checking out the film Insurgent, in theaters Friday, for it's starry cast alone. One of our faves, Ansel Elgort, reprises his role as Caleb, the brother of Shailene Woodley's Tris, who betrayed his family in the first film by switching from the Abnegation faction (a group of selfless individuals) to Erudite (those who value intelligence above all).

So what faction would Elgort choose for himself? "Probably Amity," he said in the March issue of InStyle, on newsstands now, of the most peaceful faction. "I'd like to work in the fields, eat good food, and be around pretty girls and stuff. I don't want to live too high pressure of a life."

Plus, all that violence that the Divergents and Dauntless factions encounter isn't really his speed. "The idea of getting into an actual fight scares me!" Elgort says. Good thing he has Woodley's tough Tris in his corner.