By Claire Stern
Updated Nov 29, 2015 @ 11:30 am
Ansel Elgort
Credit: ansolo_music/Instagram

Most people know Ansel Elgort as the doe-eyed heartthrob from The Fault in Our Stars. But fewer are aware that the 21-year-old actor-slash-producer moonlights as an EDM DJ named Ansolo. In fact, should the acting thing not work out, he's already built an impressive career in music such as performing at Electric Zoo, headlining Pacha (the multi-level N.Y.C. nightclub that regularly books top-tier DJs), and, most recently, signing a deal with the prestigious Island Records (formerly Island Def Jam).

And even though choosing a stage name to perform under is par for the course in the entertainment biz, we're particularly intrigued by the genesis of his Star Wars moniker. So when we recently sat down with him at the Pratt Institute, where he was speaking on a panel with his family, we couldn't help but ask. "It was a nickname my brother gave me," Elgort told InStyle. "When I got into DJ-ing in 2010, most DJ names were funny plays on their actual names. Tiësto's real name is Tijs. I wanted to make 'Ansel' sound more epic." Mission accomplished.

To see Ansolo in action, check out the video below.