Anne Hathaway's Oscars Workout Routine

Anne Hathaway David Kirsch
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Anne Hathaway is busy in Los Angeles preparing for her Oscarshosting gig, and she’s got one thing on her to stay in shape during her hectic schedule—personal trainer David Kirsch’s gym in a bag ($75, “It’s like me in a bag,” Kirsch (inset), Hathaway’s longtime trainer, told InStyle. “Anne has my routine down. With the gym in a bag she can fit workouts in when and where she wants them.” The travel bag includes a medicine ball, set of wrist weights, and Kirsch's Ultimate New York Body Plan DVD, which features a series of workout routines targeting different areas—the perfect combination for on-the-go gals. And you can get Hathaway’s workout, too. “You can start to tone and sexify your entire torso with a 15-minute workout,” says Kirsch, who has also trained Liv Tyler and Heidi Klum. So... have 15 minutes? Check out one of Kirsch’s circuit workouts after the jump!

David Kirsch
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Materials needed: Stability ball and a set of light dumbbells (3-5 pounds)

Workout:• 10 good mornings with a stability ball, followed by 10 good mornings with a twist (5 on each side)• 30-second plank on a stability ball• 20 crunches with medicine ball on stability ball• 20 double oblique crunches• 10 reverse oblique crunches• 10 tricep pushups with feet up on stability ball• 10 back extensions with stability ball• 30 arm extensions on the stability ball with light weight (complete 30 on each arm: 10 front, 10 side, 10 back)• 10 tricep extensions with weight on the stability ball, hold the last repetition and repeat• 10 leg extensions on stability ball• 10 stability ball crunches with weight

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