By Olivia Bahou
Sep 12, 2016 @ 5:30 pm

Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis have more in common than co-starring in the new monster movie Colossal. The hilarious actors are both parents to young children, and their respective proudest parenting moments will make you love them even more.

New mom Hathaway and soon-to-be dad-of-two Sudeikis stopped by the People / EW / InStyle Portrait Studio at the Toronto International Film Festival, where they discussed their proudest moments with their new additions. “I birthed him and he birthed me—sticky as that sounds and sincere as that sounds, it’s true. That was proud," Hathaway said of her now almost 6-month-old son, Jonathan.

"Every day, every minute, he breathes and I’m proud,” said the 33-year-old actress, who welcomed her little boy with husband Adam Shulman in March.

As for Sudeikis, 40, his proudest moments stem from his co-parenting partner, Olivia Wilde, who is pregnant with their second child. (They're already father and mother to 2-year-old Otis.) “When I look at Olivia and the way that she pulls off all these things, it’s going to be easy for him to grow up in a house of love and respect because I feel that way about his mom,” he said. “It really is. I think that that’s […] probably what I’m most proud of.”

Swoon. The proud mom and dad also talked about their most embarrassing parenting moments. Hint: Hathaway won’t reveal hers until her son gets married. “It was so bad, and he was 4 days old,” she shared.

While we wait the requisite 30 or so years until her dirty secret is revealed, watch the video at top to hear the talented co-stars dish about their newest additions.