By Meredith Lepore
Updated: May 25, 2016 @ 8:13 am
Courtesy YouTube

Although Anne Hathaway won an Oscar for singing Broadway tunes in Les Misérables, don't put the actress a music style box. She is also an excellent rapper as shown on The Late Late Show Tuesday night. During a segment called Drop the Mic, the new mother didn't hold anything back to face off against host James Corden in a rap battle.

The match kicked off with smoke-filled entrances by the contenders, who stepped out in boxing robes. Corden won the coin toss and started with a little superhero teasing: "I admit that Anne is both talented and sweet and it's hard to say anything about her that's mean ... now it's her turn to act a little scary because the only Catwoman I acknowledge is Halle Berry." No he didn't!

After that Hathaway kicked off her shoes and went for the jugular. "A Catwoman diss, gosh, what I do? I can't make fun of you because no one's heard of you! Now that I finally have a chance to speak, I say your rhymes are like your ratings, they're incredibly weak."

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But Corden wasn't going down without a fight. "Anne's playing hardball. You want to act mean? I'll leave you shaking and crying like your Les Mis scenes. This isn't just for me, it's for the whole U.K., mad at your awful British accent in the movie One Day. Trust me I won't lose this to an imposter, it's more likely they'll ask you again to host the Oscars." Whoa.

However, Hathaway had her comebacks ready in the next rounds and she finished off the fight with this: "You can try to knock me down round after round, but I promise you, Anne Hathaway, she won't stay on the ground. I was hated and shaded, but now I've been liberated. There's nothing you can say to leave me incapacitated. I've heard everything, yo man, none of it broke me. I love you, I love your show, the Carpool Karaoke. I battle with love and joy so I am always unafraid, but, son, now you know how it feels to get Hathaslayed."

While both were incredible contenders, the Alice Through the Looking Glass star ended up getting more audience cheers and was crowned the winner. Watch out or you'll get Hathaslayed!

Watch Hathaway and Corden's full rap battle in the video above.