By Lara Walsh
Jul 01, 2016 @ 10:00 am

Fashion cult classic The Devil Wears Prada celebrated its 10th anniversary this year on Thursday, and none other than Anne Hathaway, aka Andy Sachs, chimed in to share how the movie "changed her life."

The actress posted a hilarious short clip from the film which shows a pursed-lipped Miranda Priestly, played to perfection by Meryl Streep, delivering her famous line "That's all," to dismiss her assistant Sachs.

"What else can I say about the movie that changed my life? Thank you #thedevilwearsprada and happy 10 year anniversary!!" the brunette actress captioned the Instagram video.

She added, "Don't let this make you feel old- good style is eternal xx)."

The 33-year-old mom-of-one played Sachs, the impressionable, fresh-faced Northwestern grad who finds herself working at a high fashion magazine helmed by the impossibly demanding Miranda Priestly.

Ten years later, the incredible style and comical cast of simultaneously fabulous and sassy characters still resonates.

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The film was a huge hit and Hathaway would go on to star in movies like Les Miserables and The Dark Knight Rises, while Meryl Streep's portrayal of the ice queen and Runway editor earned her a Golden Globe award for her performance.