How Anne Hathaway's Chic Wardrobe in The Intern Influenced Her Off-Screen Style

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Anne Hathaway's role as assistant Andy Sachs in The Devil Wears Prada may have helped cement her fashion insider status, but it seems that her sleek #girlboss style in The Intern has also left an impact.

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"One of the things that I admire about my character is her very carefully curated wardrobe," says Hathaway, who plays Jules Ostin, the founder of a fashion site called About The Fit. "Every piece that she has works with at least three different outfits."

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The classic and versatile 9-to-5 mix was perfected by costume designer Jacqueline Oknaian, who pulled bright sheath dresses and tailored blazers for the star, along with trendier items like leather skirts and patterned blouses. For Hathaway's character, the clothes were about quality over quantity, a mentality that struck a chord with the actress even after they wrapped.

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"Jules doesn't have a huge wardrobe, but everything that's in her closet is well-made and there by choice," she says. "It was the motivation I needed to look at some of my own purchases and say 'Yes, a Céline sweater is incredibly expensive, but it's worth the investment if you can do it.'"

Check out Hathaway in The Intern, out today, and get a peek at her memorable on-screen style in the trailer below.

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