We Love This Dumb Conspiracy Theory That Anne Hathaway's Husband Is Actually Shakespeare

Is there ever a bad time for a dumb celebrity conspiracy theory?

In today's "so stupid we can't get enough of it" news, we present: Anne Hathaway's Husband: Actually William Shakespeare Reincarnate?

OK, hear us (the internet) out. As long highlighted by students in many a seventh grade English class, Anne Hathaway is the name of both the 35-year-old Princess Diaries star (don’t forget your roots, Anne) and the wife of 16th century poet and playwright William Shakespeare.

But the plot thickens yet … Fans are convinced that Hathaway’s husband ("real" name Adam Shulman), whom she wed in 2012, bears a resemblance to the Bard—and though it’s hard to really say (all we have is portraits, most of which vary greatly in their depictions of the writer), we can maybe see what they’re saying about that resemblance:

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Steve Granitz/Getty Images
The Cobbe portrait of William Shakespeare (1564-1616), c1610.
Heritage Images/Getty Images

Of course, the theory has spun out a bit on the Twittersphere, with users rationalizing “Shakespeare’s return” as means to carrying out a promise to make Hathaway famous in her next life, or as his way of making up for his poor treatment of his wife while he was alive.

Plausibility aside, did this not absolutely make your otherwise run-of-the-mill Tuesday? Bless you, Twitter conspiracy theorists.

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