Anne Hathaway Fears She Treated a Female Director Differently Due to Internalized Misogyny

In an industry riddled with quests for perfection, it isn't easy for a celebrity to admit her or his faults. Honestly, it isn't easy for anyone to do, no matter their career. But we've seen a real change in Hollywood over the past couple of years, with a handful of stars getting real about their shortcomings and past transgressions.

Anne Hathaway is among that crop. She has spoken out against her need for public acceptance due to some negative words and stories thrown in her direction. And though she's spoken up for gender equality around the world as a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, she opened up about her own mistreatment of a female director in one of her past roles in an interview on Popcorn with Peter Travers.

"I really regret not trusting her more easily," she stated of her work with Lone Scherfig on 2011's One Day. "And I am to this day scared that the reason I didn't trust her the way I trust some of the other directors I work with is because she's a woman."

"I'm so scared that I treated her with internalized misogyny. I'm scared that I didn't give her everything that she needed or ... I was resisting her on some level," she continued. "It's something that I've thought a lot about in terms of when I get scripts to be directed by women."

During the interview, Hathaway had an epiphany of sorts and a visceral reaction to her divulgement stating, "I'm getting red talking about this, it feels like a confession, but I think it's something we should talk about." We couldn't agree more.

"When I get a script, when I see a first film directed by a woman, I have in the past focused on what was wrong with it. And when I see a film ... directed by a man, I focus on what's right with it. I can only acknowledge that I've done that and I don't want to do that anymore ... I, before I realized this, had actively tried to work with female directors. And I still had this mindset buried in there somewhere."

And though Hathaway never apologized to Scherfig, she at least acknowledged that her feelings never rendered themselves in a lack of professionalism. "I hold her in such a dear place in my heart and I think she does for me too." We look forward to more light bulb moments like this from other stars. It's definitely a tricky and tough space to be in, but we're all better for it if forward progress and equality are our true goals.

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