Anne Hathaway is twirling for the haters. The actress, who inspired legions of hateful anti-fans online after her 2013 Oscars acceptance speech, had the perfect response when Jezebel brought up those mean articles.

“I think it’s weird that it continues to be talked about a little bit. I understand in the context of this movie, why it should be brought up. But it comes up in every interview I do, just about. I am ... not eager, but I am ready for the conversation to move to a place beyond it. I don’t have to contextualize all of my stories, all of my experiences through that time. I’m ready for it to be implied, not overtly stated,” she said.

“It’s very interesting to be talking to you about it, because I love your site, but for a while I had to stop reading it because I would just be reading about something totally unrelated to me and [see] a headline about me and how much your site dislikes me or whoever was writing it dislikes me would come up. That would catch me off-guard,” she said.

While she doesn’t now have a “rhino skin” about it, she’s learned how to move past it. “How the world feels about me has nothing to do with me. How other people treat me has nothing to do with me. But if anything that anybody said resonated with me as something I’d like to work on for myself, I took it in like that. And to that extent, I feel like I got to shortcut a lot of my growth. To that extent, even though I wouldn’t have chosen to go through it, I still found a way to be grateful to it,” she added.

Anne Hathaway is living her life, no matter what the haters say.