By Isabel Jones
Updated Aug 23, 2016 @ 6:15 pm
Anne of Green Gables Still - Lead 2016
Credit: Alamy

If you're still mourning the finale of Downton Abbey, rest assured that you'll soon have a new period drama to binge watch. It's just been announced that the children's tale Anne of Green Gables is getting a serialized update on Netflix.

Based on the 1908 novel written by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery, the series will follow the adventures of orphan Anne Shirley after she's adopted by a pair of elderly siblings and sent to live on Prince Edward Island.

The classic has been adapted for the screen myriad times, but we have good reason to suspect that this Anne may be a little less "PG" than its predecessors—the update is helmed by notable Breaking Bad writer Moira Walley-Beckett, according to Entertainment Weekly. And while we doubt Anne will be experimenting with blue meth in the Netflix reboot, the choice of writing team does at least suggest that the eight-episode show won't simply mimic past adaptations.

Anne of Green Gables heads into production in Canada next month, and is slated to stream on Netflix in 2017.