Did you expect anything less?


Anna Wintour has made her feelings about Melania Trump known — without saying a single word about her.

During an interview with Anne McElvoy for The Economist, the Vogue editor-in-chief discussed fashion and politics, and was asked about seeming to "keep [her] distance" from Donald and Melania Trump, and specifically whether it was her "conscious decision" that Melania has not made much of an appearance in the magazine since her 2005 cover.

"There are so many women in politics that deserve celebration, whether it's Kirsten [Gillibrand] or Senator [Kamala] Harris or Senator [Elizabeth] Warren," Wintour replied. "We just recently ran a piece in our current issue about five of the six political female candidates, all of which I felt deserved a place in Vogue."

On the topic of the Trumps' style, McElvoy said that while Donald Trump tended to wear "ill-fitting suits and strange trousers and red baseball cap," Melania seems "much more put together." She also brought up Melania seeming to have made an effort to wear British designers during the Trumps's U.K. state visit, asking Wintour if she valued that.

"I think First Lady Michelle Obama really was so incredible," Wintour replied. "In every decision she made about fashion. She supported young American designers, she supported designers indeed from all over the world. She was the best ambassador that this country could possibly have in many ways, obviously way beyond fashion."

"But she's not the first lady now, so what about the one you've got?" McElvoy asked.

"To me, she is the example I admire," Wintour said.

In the past, Wintour has been open about her stance about the Trumps — she once said that Donald Trump was the one celebrity who'd never again receive a coveted invitation to the Met Gala, and has previously implied Vogue would not be featuring Melania in the magazine anytime soon.

At the time, Melania's spokesperson Stephanie Grisham (who is now White House press secretary) responded: "To be on the cover of Vogue doesn't define Mrs. Trump, she's been there, done that long before she was first lady. Her role as first lady of the United States and all that she does is much more important than some superficial photo shoot and cover."

Guess we know Melania's feelings on the matter, too.