Anna Kendrick Watch What Happens Live Into the Woods
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The more behind-the-scenes stories we hear from the cast of Into the Woods, the more we're convinced this was the coolest set and the coolest cast ever. Anna Kendrick proved that once again when she visited Watch What Happens Live on Tuesday and shared some awesome tidbits about her co-stars with host Andy Cohen.

The always-charming and candid actress played "Cinder-TELL-a," a game in which she had to spill stories about her fellow Into the Woods actors. Kendrick—who worried that she'd make no friends among the "intimidating cast" after Jake Gyllenhaal dropped out of the production—shared that she found a BFF in Emily Blunt. "She's real self-deprecating," she said of Blunt. "You think she'd be cool and English and icy. [But] she's the kind of gal that loves a fart joke, and I appreciate that."

Kendrick—who wore a shimmering, short-sleeve Carbon dress and Christian Louboutin pumps for her WWHL appearance—shared a similar sort of affection for Meryl Streep. When asked how Meryl the beloved Oscar-winner is, Kendrick assured, "She's not that Meryl. You think Meryl and you think she's going to be cold and regal and you have to talk to her about very serious things. She just wants to have a beer and talk about the MTV Movie Awards." She added, "She's just kind of a bro."

Watch the entire segment—which included insights as to what Chris Pine smells like ("Cinnamon and a meadow") and what Johnny Depp eats from the craft services table ("Unicorn poops!")—here: