Anna Kendrick
Credit: Robin Marchant/Getty Images

How can you not love Anna Kendrick? Not only is the Pitch Perfect 2 star mega talented at both acting and singing, but she is also absolutely hilarious. This funny lady, who turns 31 years old today, is constantly showing off her sense of humor and stunning wit on Twitter and Instagram. Here are 17 times she made us laugh out loud.

1. When she said exactly what we were all thinking.

2. When she joked about taking her career in a new direction.

3. When she made us laugh at the dentist.

4. When she confessed her deepest secret.

5. When she got sick of the rainbows IN HAWAII.

6. When she nailed how we feel on interviews too.

7. When she jammed out on the red carpet.

8. When she thought what we all think when cooking alone.

9. When she shared exactly what we all do when we wish we had told someone off.

10. When she impersonated a panda on Seth Meyers.

11. When she made us laugh a lot in this Kate Spade ad.

12. When she once again said what we all think ... all day.

13. When she listed a good reason for not being friends with someone.

14. When she showed off her favorite Cinderella outfit from Into the Woods.

15. When she held her own with Amy Schumer in this promo for the MTV Movie Awards.

16. When she gave the perfect reason for finding a mate.

17. When she proved, once and for all, that she is one of us.

18. When she shared a genius autocorrect.