Anna Faris Reveals the Little White Lie That Got Her into Huge Trouble

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Are you already hearing jingle bells? Are your halls already decked? Are your Christmas music playlists already on repeat? If not, you should consider getting into the holiday spirit, because it's November and the holidays are just around the corner.

If you need a prime example of holiday cheer, look no further than Anna Faris. The actress has gotten into the holiday spirit alongside Rosie Perez in an adorable new video for Kate Spade New York where a little white lie (and a big desire for a food basket) lead to quite the predicament. The episode is the latest installment in Kate Spade's "Miss Adventure" series.

InStyle got the scoop on the wholesome short (which you can watch above) from Faris herself via email, and what she has to say makes us watch it in a whole new way.

Read on for Faris's thoughts on her favorite holiday memories, her best advice for stressed-out parents, and that time she told a small lie and got into some trouble herself.

What motivated you to work with Kate Spade New York on this?

Mutual admiration. I was a huge fan of the first and second seasons of Miss Adventure, so I was thrilled when Kate Spade New York approached me. My partnership with the brand is like Cinderella's glass shoe—it just fits. I was so excited to work with Rosie. We'd never worked together before, and she's amazing!

What's your favorite thing about Kate Spade New York?

I have a lot of sentiment about the Kate Spade New York collection. The brand reflects my own personality—it's stylish, whimsical, optimistic, and clever.

Who in your life would you give an item from the collection to as a gift and what would you give them?

I'd probably give one of the novelty handbags to a girlfriend. The novelty pieces are so funny, they just make me smile.

In the short, a little white lie causes a lot of chaos. When was a time that lying got you into a funny predicament?

I was flying once and had fresh produce in my carry-on. I got stopped by customs at LAX and told them I had nothing to declare, but I was caught by one of the beagles!

What would you pack in your ultimate holiday food basket?

Caviar for me, chocolate rugelach for Jack [her 5-year-old son].

What's your favorite family holiday memory or moment?

loved/hated waking up at 6 a.m. to my mom asking me to chop onions on Thanksgiving morning.

What's your best holiday advice for stressed-out parents?

If all else fails, make time for champagne ;)

What's the most special gift you've ever given someone?

The first time I was able to give my mom a really nice purse—it made me so happy.

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