Anna Faris Felt “Incredibly Insecure” After Chris Pratt Cheating Rumors

Anna Farris Chris Pratt
Photo: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images

Anna Faris is sure there was no truth to those Chris Pratt cheating rumors, but “like any normal human would,” she felt “vulnerable” as the tabloids dissected her happy relationship. “I just remembered feeling so hurt in a way that bothered me, because I didn’t want to think of myself as somebody who could be bothered by tabloid s—” she told Isla Fisher on a new episode of her podcast, Anna Faris Is Unqualified.

Even though she was secure in her marriage, she still succumbed to self-doubt, all because of what she read in a magazine. “I take pride in how great my relationship is with Chris, but having said that, of course, in this crazy world where he’s off doing movies and I’m in L.A. raising our child, of course I’m going to feel vulnerable.”

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“It made me feel incredibly insecure,” she told Fisher, explaining that she struggles with having her relationship in the spotlight. “We grapple with a lot of the ideas of being a public couple.”

Considering Pratt’s adorable admiration of his wife, we’re sure she has nothing to worry about. Click through to our gallery to see 11 times the couple looked so in love.

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