In case you weren’t already convinced that Anna Faris and Chris Pratt have the chilliest divorce in the history of Hollywood, get this: Anna actually volunteered to officiate Chris’s wedding to fiancée Katherine Schwarzenegger — well, sort of ...

Chatting about her ex’s big news on Tuesday’s episode of her podcast Anna Faris Is Unqualified, the actress discussed how and when she found out about Pratt’s engagement, and (of course) her reaction to it.

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"Chris texted me this morning and he was like, you know, 'I proposed to Katherine last night,'" she revealed. "I was like 'Ah! That's amazing,'" but also, “I texted him back, 'Just want to remind you, I'm an ordained minister.'"

Excitement aside, Faris admits the news didn’t come as too huge a surprise. "I knew that it was going to happen," she said. "I love her, and I love him, and I'm just so happy that they found each other."

Faris continued, explaining that the strangest part of it all is that she knows "people are sort of looking" for a reaction from her. "The truth is there isn't any bitterness,” she went on, setting the record straight, “and I'm just so happy we're all really happy. They're both f—king amazing people, and I'm so happy.”

Anna also shared her congratulations on Pratt’s Instagram announcement.

The 42-year-old Mom star and 39-year-old Guardians of the Galaxy actor announced their separation in August 2017 after eight years of marriage. Anna and Chris share a 6-year-old son, Jack.

All's well that ends ... with an Anna Faris-officiated wedding?