Anna Faris Reveals the Surprising Women's Accessory Husband Chris Pratt Knows How to Shop For

Anna Faris and Chris Pratt - Lead
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We'd have imagine that Chris Pratt's greatest contribution to wife Anna Faris's red carpet routine would be limited to the occasional goat joke or showing off his chiseled, must-touch abs as she prepped. But as we learned yesterday inside Jennifer Klein's annual Day of Indulgence shopping party in L.A., the man actually has a knack for choosing the perfect bauble.

Between perusing the pastel-colored jars of candy and peeking inside beauty-packed gift bags, Faris explained just how thoughtful her comedic husband can be. "He is an obviously really artistic person, so for being such a dude's dude he has kind of an eye for detail," she said. So what was the latest example of his keen shopping skills? "It was our seven year anniversary on July 9, so [he] got me this beautiful Irene Neuwirth necklace (below)," she told InStyle. "He has really good taste in jewelry. He just knows good jewelry."

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Amy Graves

The impressive present was of course one for the books, but don't think Pratt forgot to turn the celebratory event into a funny moment. "He told me he wrote me a poem for our anniversary, but the greedy part of me was like, 'Oh, just a poem?'" Faris joked. And though a month has passed since the happy couple once celebrated their anniversary, the actress is still working on perfecting her gift to him: "I'm attempting to be aggressive in the sack."

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