Credit: Dan Monick

Paper magazine's Most Beautiful People 2010 skipped traditional Hollywood A-listers in favor of a bevy of fun, young stars like Up in the Air's Anna Kendrick, American Idol's controversial glam rocker Adam Lambert and Glee's dubious couple, Dianna Agron and Mark Salling. “When he told me, I just tried to act really cool,” Kendrick told them about finding out director Jason Reitman wrote the career-changing part with her in mind. “I wasn’t all that successful at it.” Adam Lambert isn't so shy about his star power: “There’s been a void in mainstream music of a male performer who’s theatrical, campy, over the top. So I think that’s an interesting challenge—to fill that spot.” Mark Salling described his Glee character as "bad guy inside of a good guy inside of a bad guy" kind of complicated. “She’s deliciously evil and oscillates between being the mean girl and someone with an ounce of a heart,” Dianna Agron said of playing Quinn Fabray. Who else does Paper magazine deem easy on the eyes and so much more? See the rest of their most beautiful picks at