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In celebration of over 60 years of business and the beginning of National Women’s History Month, Ann Taylor is honoring its heritage with an inspiring glimpse into the past.

“This Is Ann,” a 50-second video montage set in black and white (above), tracks the progress of womankind, interspersing commentary with images and video clips from modern times and decades past.

Ann Taylor’s VP of Marketing, Holly Tedesco, echoed the sentiment of the video in a press release, stating, “As a brand, we believe that behind every great woman is another, and another. We have a rich history of connecting with inspiring women—it all starts with our clients. Recent partnerships have allowed us to truly celebrate the accomplishments and creativity of women who are ground-breaking entrepreneurs and powerful forces in their fields. This is Ann is a moment to reflect on the women who inspire us and the real lives they lead, honoring the generations of women who came before us, and the women who stand beside us."

The short film also serves as a fitting visual aid for the brand’s HERlead fellowship, a leadership program for rising high school junior and senior girls looking to make a difference in their community. For more information on the program, visit Ann Taylor.