By Isabel Jones
Updated Jan 14, 2019 @ 3:30 pm
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O.G. uniform dresser Angelina Jolie has been keeping her style understated (for the most part) since y2k. Like anyone who’s spent more than three days in New York City, the actress’s wardrobe has a chromatic theme: black (on black on black on black on black).

Oli Scarff/Getty Images

But ah, there’s a twist … Sometimes, Jolie will change things up and add a splash of white — or its sassy sister, beige.

Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

The true linchpin in Angelina’s two decades of sophisticated dressing, however, bears no equal. Without this wardrobe staple, the mother of six’s style would be something different altogether. Angelina Jolie is the Angelina Jolie thanks to this game-changing item: the white dress shirt.

In fact, Jolie employed her go-to garment just yesterday during a trip to the mall with her kids.


Ange first got button-down happy when she was appointed a UN Goodwill Ambassador in 2001.

Tom Williams/Getty Images

Since then, Jolie has reigned as our dress shirt queen.

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On the red carpet ...

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Jason Merritt/TERM/Getty Images
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... And off.

SL, Bruce, Terma / BACKGRID

The gist of it is simple: Angelina Jolie is the office style icon we deserve.