Angelina Jolie Changing Looks - Lead
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Brangelina is over (read: romance is dead). Flawless style star, Oscar-winning actress, director, and humanitarian Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from her longtime love Brad Pitt. Though the pair shares six children and twelve years of history, Jolie (as always) is sure to ultimately come out on top of the public scandal. After all, Jolie is the phoenix of Hollywood actresses; she’s updated her style and philosophy countless times throughout the years, rising from the ashes of each and every media firestorm (and doing so with style and sophistication).

In 1986, 11-year-old Jolie marked her red carpet debut with big hair and layered pearls. Since then, the busy mom has nailed every style imaginable—from her early 2000s Morticia Addams phase to the classic Hollywood glamour the 41-year-old now brings to the red carpet.

VIDEO: Angelina Jolie Beauty Moments

Browse through Jolie's changing looks through the years, and keep your eyes peeled for the next stage of the actress’s metamorphosis. Perhaps the post-Brad era will usher in yet another style revolution ...