Angelina Jolie is a world-renowned humanitarian, and now she’s getting her kids involved in her work. On Sunday, the actress traveled to Jordan to visit a Zaatari refugee camp, and she brought along her 13-year-old daughter Zahara and 11-year-old daughter Shiloh.

The special envoy for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees participated in a trip with the UN refugee agency to beg for peace in Syria, and she gave an impassioned speech to find a “principled end to this senseless war.”

Angelina Jolie Jordan Trip
Credit: KHALIL MAZRAAWI/Getty Images

“We should never forget that the war began with demands by Syrians for greater human rights,” she said in a press conference. “Peace in their country has to be built on that.”

“It cannot be built on impunity for the targeting of civilians by all sides of the conflict, the bombing of schools and hospitals, barrel bombs, torture, chemical weapons and rape used as a weapon of war,” she added.

“So that is my message to the international community today: Yes, of course, please do more to help meet the needs of desperate Syrian families and the countries hosting them. But above all please provide the leadership and strength needed to negotiate a principled end to this senseless war—without sacrificing the dignity and human rights of Syrian families.”

Angelina Jolie Jordan Trip
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This was Shiloh’s third visit to a refugee camp and Zahara’s first, according to People, and the two joined mom in meeting with refugees and hearing their stories. “My daughters Zahara and Shiloh asked to come with me today,” Jolie said.

“They’ve spent time today speaking and playing with children their own age who have been forced from their homes, whose family members have been killed or have disappeared, and who are struggling with trauma and illness, but who at the end of the day are just children, with the same hopes and rights as children in any other nation.”

These two are bound to be seasoned humanitarians in no time.