Here's What Angelina Jolie Has to Say About Running for Office

Don't tease us, Angie. 

Is actress, producer, humanitarian, businesswoman, and mother of six Angelina Jolie about to add a new title to her War and Peace-length resume? Don’t count it out.

The UNHCR Special Envoy told People “never say never” to the idea of her running for office, but added, “right now I am looking to others for leadership.”

Angelina Jolie At UN For A Speech On Sexual Violence In Conflict
NurPhoto/Getty Images

One of Jolie’s chief aims of late is to elevate women around the world who’ve long been treated as “second class citizens.”

“If you look across the world, there are far too many women and girls who are not only not seeing progress, their rights are slipping away from them,” Jolie told the publication.

“One of the things we are putting forward now is a proposal for a permanent international body to investigate war crimes, including mass rape and other sexual and gender-based violence,” she continued.

But it’s not just the women Jolie’s fighting for whose lives have changed — the actress herself has made lifelong friends through her altruism.

“The second UN mission I went on, to Cambodia, I met two women from England and France, Katie and Mimi, who were working with UNHCR,” she said. “We have all been friends ever since, for coming up on twenty years now. I feel very blessed in my work to have the opportunity to meet so many extraordinary people who spend their lives dedicated to others.”

OK, OK, Angie, we'll put our "Jolie 2020" merch away. For now.

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