By Jennifer Merritt
Updated Jan 28, 2015 @ 1:31 pm
Credit: Andrew McConnell/UNHCR via Getty Images

Pictured, above: Angelina Jolie meets with members of the Yazidi minority in Khanke IDP Camp in Khanke, Iraq, on January 25.

Angelina Jolie has done it again. And by that we mean the actress, director and humanitarian has written another heart-wrenching op-ed for The New York Times, this time on—as the title so clearly states—the new level of suffering for refugees in Syria.

“I have visited Iraq five times since 2007, and I have seen nothing like the suffering I’m witnessing now,” she writes, before delving into her time spent with Iraqi and Syrian refugees displaced due to war and the actions of extremist groups.

She writes of the mother with “tears streaming down her face” because her daughter is in the hands of ISIS, likely being raped and tortured; the woman who “looks you in the eye” and says that her whole family was killed in front of her; and the 19-year-old boy who is left to care for his eight siblings because his father was killed and his mother is missing, “most likely taken.”

It’s an article worth the full read, if for no other reason than to starkly remind you of, as Jolie writes, “the reality of so much individual human misery.”

Jolie’s solution for how our nation and others can put a stop to so much suffering and death? More assistance. While her suggestions may feel out of our individual hands (“the international community as a whole has to find a path to a peace settlement,” is one) there are things you can do right now to help. Consider donating to Doctors Without Borders, who provide medical aid in the area; Save the Children, which is currently focusing on getting winter clothes to children in refugee camps; or the UN, (of which Jolie is an ambassador), where as little as $20 can help the organization provide two families with synthetic mats so that they don’t have to sleep on the ground in the camps.

There are countless more organizations doing what they can to help, all you have to do is pick one.