Angelina Jolie Works Hard to Avoid Living an "Empty Life"

Between her humanitarian work and her roles in Hollywood, Angelina Jolie has a lot on her plate. But despite the many projects, the fear of living what she calls an "empty life" is still something she thinks about.

The actress recently got candid about the pressures of juggling being a parent to her six children and finding balance when things get chaotic, even if marrying her storytelling with social and personal responsibilities isn't always an easy feat.

George Pimentel/WireImage

“We’re all trying to find balance, as people. I think to be a balanced person, you have to find those things that you just purely enjoy. But, of course, if you aren’t participating in the bigger picture of life, and in being somehow useful, and you aren’t doing something and growing, then really, you’ll find you’re not very happy,” she said to Deadline. “Really, you’ll have quite an empty life.”

Jolie seems strategic in how she avoids this "empty life," and intentionally thinks of things in segments.

“You have your creative, and you have your work, and every day of your life is going to be about somehow growing as a person,” she said. “Somehow feeling you can contribute to the extent that you can get tribute.”

Recently, the work that's been occupying her time has included raising awareness by directing and co-writing the biopic First They Killed My Father, which tells the story of a 7-year-old child soldier in Cambodia. She also produced The Breadwinner, an animated story about a girl forced to dress as a boy to support her family in Afghanistan.

She remains a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador and will star in the forthcoming Maleficent 2, the Disney sequel to the original Maleficent movie.

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