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Sep 14, 2017 @ 1:45 pm

So what, exactly, do Angelina Jolie’s six children think of her?

Is she a regular mom? A cool mom? Tough when it comes to chores? According to 16-year-old Maddox Jolie-Pitt, Angelina is nothing but a spectacular role model.

The actress's eldest son opens up about working with his star mom in People’s new cover story. The teenager, whom Jolie adopted in 2002, served as an executive producer for First They Killed My Father, a film Jolie directed and has been recently promoting at the Toronto International Film Festival.

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“I was trying to help wherever I could,” Maddox said of preparing for shoots, helping Jolie review dailies, attending meetings, and studying documentaries. His brother Pax, 13, was also on set and served as a photographer on set for the film, which is based on family friend Loung Ung’s memoir about battling the Khmer Rouge genocide in Cambodia, Maddox’s home country.

What he had to say about mom, though, will make you melt. “[She’s] fun, funny, and easy to work with,” he said. “She’s a wonder.” A wonder! Any teenager who calls a parent a wonder probably really, really means it. Conclusion: Jolie is quite exceptional.

In the issue, Jolie also opens up about life after filing for divorce from Brad Pitt. “I have had my ups and downs. I guess I am a little bit stronger,” she said. “We all have our difficult times, but as a mother you also have a responsibility first and foremost towards the kids. They are going through their formative years and everything else comes second to that.”

As for Maddox, it was he who encouraged Jolie to make the film. “Mad knows himself very well and if he said he was ready, I knew he knew,” she said. “He goes back and forth [to Cambodia] a lot, but this would be over four months of just being in the country, really reading, listening, learning and absorbing all things about his culture and country [including] the very, very dark parts.”

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What does he miss about Cambodia? “The people by far,” he said. “[They are] calm, relaxed, and when they want to do something wild, they do it—much like me in a way. I’m proud to be a Cambodian.”

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