Angelina Jolie's Latest Project Pays the Most Beautiful Tribute to Her Mother

Angelina Jolie - January 15, 2015 - Lead
Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

And we don't mean figuratively. Today, Guerlain has announced that they have teamed up with Angelina Jolie on an upcoming scent, which she'll be fronting, and also had a hand in co-creating. The Guerlain name has long been a staple in the star's household—Jolie had memories of her mother kept the brand's iconic powder stocked in her vanity for years, so it's certainly a fitting tribute. Details on the fragrance have yet to be released, aside from the fact that Jolie created the fragrance keeping the "notes of a woman" in mind.

In typical Angelina Jolie fashion, she'll be donating her entire salary from her Guerlain project to charity, proving that our love for her is pretty much like the universe—you know, constantly growing and expanding. Stay posted for more news on the collaboration in the coming months.

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