This is the meme we deserve. 

Sometimes you walk your dog, and sometimes the dog walks you.

Angelina Jolie and her youngest daughter, Vivienne, 11, recently took their dogs out in L.A., and it wasn’t long before the pet and owner dynamic shifted dramatically for the actress-cum-humanitarian.

Jolie, clad in a long black coat, cropped cigarette pants, and a white top, appeared to crack a rare smile as her rottweiler forced her to break into a jog.

Angelina Jolie Dogs
Credit: Marksman / MEGA

Tom Hanks’s Golden Globes expressions may have marked the first great meme of 2020, but Jolie’s canine antics are surely a close second. I mean … what better encapsulation of a post-holiday Monday is there than the above image?

Do you think said rottweiler (whose name may or may not be Dusty) eats the organic dog treats Jolie and her kids sell at the park? It’s not every day I want to trade lives with a dog, but … Just kidding, it is in fact every day I want to trade lives with a dog.