By Aly Semigran
Dec 05, 2014 @ 9:44 am

Angelina Jolie visited her old friend Jon Stewart at The Daily Show on Thursday night, where she discussed everything from her new film Unbroken, her love for directing, and what husband Brad Pitt (sometimes) wears to bed at night.

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The Academy Award-winner—whose film chronicles the true story of World War II veteran and Olympian Louis Zamperini ("His life is bigger than any movie we could possibly make, he's an extraordinary man")—admitted that the process of being a director, but found it ultimately very rewarding. "I love directing," she told the host.

Still, even someone as tremendously talented and famous as Jolie had her own doubts. The actress-writer-director—who wore a chic black-and-white suit ensemble during her appearance—recalled worrying about shooting certain scenes for Unbroken, including a shark attack sequence. As Jolie (who admitted she has some movies of her own she still hasn't seen) described taking on the task of being a director, "You convince the studio, 'You should give me this job. I'll be the best person for this job ... I know exactly what I'm doing' and then you get the job and think, 'Oh my, I'm not sure I do'." (Of course, if the Oscar buzz surrounding Unbroken is any indication, Jolie knows exactly what she's doing behind the camera.)

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Then Stewart, who appeared in the little-seen 1998 indie dramedy Playing by Heart with Jolie, asked the most important question of all when she said that she and Brad Pitt watch The Daily Show every night: "What is Brad usually wearing?" Generally just pajama pants, no top?" Jolie answered, with a smile, "Sometimes!"

Watch the entire interview below, including Jon Stewart coming up with his possible celebrity couple name with Angelina Jolie (Stolie!):

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