Angelina Jolie Just Abandoned Her Favorite Color

When it comes to the color spectrum, Angelina Jolie's not big on exploration. I feel you, Ange, black is a really good option. Why bother with the trendy hue of the moment (which happens to be the universally flattering neon lime green — *laughs nervously*) when you already have something that works and looks phenomenal on you?

Anyway, the mother of six stepped a smidgen outside her comfort zone over the weekend when she ditched her go-to color and opted for her second favorite neutral: beige.

Jolie ventured out in Los Angeles with her second oldest son, Pax, 14, in a strapless ruched midi dress, matching pumps (shop a similar look here), and her signature circular shades (shop a similar look here)— oh, and her ride-or-die black Céline bag, of course.

The good-willed actress-cum-director slipped a matching shawl on and off her shoulders throughout the trip, but once she removed the oversized accessory, Jolie's prolific tats were on full display. And, in case you're wondering, yes, she still has the coordinates of ex-husband Brad Pitt's birthplace tattooed on her left arm (below that of her six children).

Angelina Jolie

Anyway, we're getting rather attached to these increasingly frequent Jolie street style sightings. As much as we'd love to see her rock a neon green suit à la Blake Lively, we appreciate her affinity for a true classic color.

May you wear black and beige for all of your days, Angie.

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