By Isabel Jones
Updated Oct 31, 2017 @ 11:00 am
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Angelina Jolie: Oscar-winner, humanitarian, style star, et al. On Monday, the Hollywood heavyweight cemented her status as a true icon and added a new credit to her overflowing list of titles: glamorous ice cream eater.

We cannot overstate how impressed we are by Ms. Jolie’s ability to casually hit up a Baskin-Robbins while retaining all appearances of total red carpet readiness.

Clad in a little black dress, sexy knee-high boots, and a gray Gerard Darel poncho (shop a similar look here) draped across her shoulders, the mother of six took to an L.A. Baskin-Robbins shop and bought herself a tiny pink cone—flavor unknown, but we like to think she’s a cookies and crème kind of gal.

No posse of bodyguards or fans in sight, Jolie strolled through the parking lot with her pre-Halloween treat, taking small bites from a sample spoon as she walked. (Yes, even though she got a cone, Angie still ate her ice cream with a spoon! Such an enigma!)

Angelina Jolie - Slide
Credit: WCP / Javiles / Bruce / BACKGRID

Seriously, has a more composed ice cream eater ever stepped foot in Los Angeles, nay, existed, anywhere? Even Audrey had her issues ...

Anyone else craving Baskin-Robbins right now? The mall food court awaits!