Rejoice! Angelina Jolie Will Return to Acting

It won't be long before we see Angelina Jolie's face on the silver screen again.

While speaking at the Telluride Film Festival over the weekend, the actress revealed she will reprise her role in front of the camera after a yearlong Hollywood hiatus. "I've taken over a year off now, because of my family situation, to take care of my kids," Jolie divulged in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

But she isn't immediately hopping back into work. "When I feel it's time for me to go back to work, I'll be able to go back to work," the humanitarian stated. "I've been needed at home. I hope [to work again] in the months to come."

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At the festival, Jolie debuted her Netflix film, First They Killed My Father, and though she's been in the director chair quite a bit lately, her excitement for behind-the-scenes work has waned quite a bit. "Right now I don't have anything to direct that I feel passionate about like this," she affirmed.

Vivien Killilea/Getty

Up next? A return to one of Jolie's most beloved roles, as well as another possible strong female lead. "Maleficent, we're working on, most likely," she confirmed. "And I look forward to having some fun with that. Cleopatra, there is a script. There's a lot of different things floating around. But I haven't committed."

After First They Killed My Father's debut on Sept. 15 and award season just around the corner, we fully expect to see more of Jolie as the year comes to a close.

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