Angela Lindvall Designs Charitable & Eco-Friendly Bracelet

Photo: Courtesy of Douglas Friedman-John Hardy; John Hardy

Activist/supermodel Angela Lindvall is collaborating with Bali-based jewelry brand John Hardy on a gorgeous new line of sustainable jewelry. The Hijau Collection, which takes its name from the Balinese word for "green," was conceived after Lindvall visited the company's headquarters, and was designed with the help of John Hardy Creative Director and Designer Guy Bedarida; the pair was inspired by super-sustainable bamboo (which has, of course, been used as a motif in jewelry for years). Their delicate, sterling-silver-and-gemstone creations retail for between $295 and $3000 at Saks Fifth Avenue, but Lindvall also designed a woven organic cotton cord bracelet (right) which sells for just $95. Because 100% of the profits from that piece will go to ForestEthics, an organization that protects endangered forests, it's green in more ways than one.

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