Prince Harry's Royal Biographer Says He Probably Won't Be Happy in L.A.

The chances are "small."

While details about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's life in L.A. have been scarce, the idea of them escaping royal life and splashing into the glitz of Hollywood seems counterintuitive for people looking to escape the spotlight. According to a new interview, Harry's royal biographer explains that there's probably no real chance that he'd be happy swapping his title for top billing and life as a celebrity. Royal biographer Angela Levin told Newsweek that she believes Harry's chances of being content with celebrity life in L.A. would be "very small."

"Harry, when I interviewed him, said one of the things he absolutely didn't want to do was be thought of as a celebrity. This was after he met Meghan, but before they married," Levin said. "He explained the difference: that celebrities can pick and choose when they want the press to be there, but if you're a royal, you're on duty 24/7."

Meghan Markle Prince Harry LA Sighting

Levin's statement came after photos of Harry and Meghan were photographed by paparazzi in Los Angeles proper, which has different rules for photographers than Malibu, which is where the couple is rumored to be looking to settle down. Levin explains that the attention is what Harry was looking escape, not get entrenched in.

Levin continued, saying that Harry would do anything to make Meghan happy and that he doesn't want what happened to Princess Diana to happen to her, too.

"Harry's number one priority is to make Meghan happy, and he'll do everything he can because he feels guilty that he did not do enough to protect his mother," she continued. "It stayed with him, so he's determined to make Meghan happy. I think he adores Meghan. He thinks she's absolutely wonderful."

People notes that since the move, Harry and Meghan have been keeping things quiet. For the most part, they're just staying home, though it's tough to tell if that's to avoid being hounded by paparazzi or to wait out the coronavirus pandemic.

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