Angela Bassett on AHS
Credit: Frank Ockenfels/FX

Golden Globe-winning actress Angela Bassett has dramatically captivated our attention for three seasons of executive producer Ryan Murphy’s spooky hit TV show, American Horror Story, channeling everything from a voodoo queen (Marie Laveau) in Coven to a circus act with three breasts in Freak Show. And while there’s no denying the actress, who currently also stars in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, is slaying it as Ramona Royale, the Countess’s (Lady Gaga) vengeful ex-lover on Hotel, don’t assume she’s in on all of Murphy’s plot-twisting secrets.

“Well, we’re in the dark. I don’t know the end,” Bassett told InStyle. So how exactly would she end Season 5 if she had her way? “I know at the beginning I said, ‘Let me take her down! I want to kill the Countess! I think I should be the Supreme! Oh, sorry, that was Coven. But we were all wondering, who’s the Supreme? One queen! And I thought it should have been Marie Laveau. I think it should be Ramona Royale; but I don’t know, he’s going to find some underdog.”

Sure, Bassett may want to dethrone the Countess from her richly decorated penthouse lair, but there's no animosity between the actress and pop star IRL. “She put together a dinner before we all started filming, which was very smart of her—just a little bit of a bond, just a little bit of an icebreaker because we don’t all work together at the same time,” she said of a blood-themed dinner party Gaga held for the Hotel cast. "She’s a gracious, gracious hostess—really gracious, really warm, kind, like family. She’s a family girl… It’s really about her making you feel at home. Now she’s going to do it in a dramatic fashion. Drama! And flair! But you’ll feel so at home.”

Despite their off-camera chemistry, expect upcoming on-screen moments to be gory. Bassett credits Hotel’s unsung heroes, the special effects team, for the believability of the bloodstained action scenes. “They do all this nastiness, creating all this mayhem and horror—it’s kind of fascinating to see their personalities and to see the artistry of what they’ve come up with and the technique of how they make it happen,” she adds. “It’s fun until you have to do one of the blood bath scenes. And so far I’ve been saved for a great portion.”

So can we expect one final showdown? “I do believe,” Bassett coyly suggested.