Andrew Rannells of Girls: "The Boys Are Just As Confused As The Girls"

GIrls Boys
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At last night's premiere of the second season of HBO's hit Lena Dunham-created show Girls, it wasn't all about the females! The boys of the show—Alex Karpovsky, Adam Driver, Andrew Rannells (in Hugo Boss), and Christopher Abbott—looked super dapper and had a lot to say about what we can expect on the series, which returns this Sunday, January 13 at 9/8 c. "This season will show that the boys are just as confused as the girls," Rannells (who plays Hannah's gay ex-boyfriend and new roommate Elijah) told "You do get to learn more about all of the male characters this season, which is kind of fun. I don’t know if it is necessarily going to help anybody out though!" Karpovsky, who plays Shoshanna's (played by Zosia Mamet) love interest Ray, also dished on how his character will develop: "You can expect to see a more tender, caring, and lovesick Ray than you saw in season one, but with all the anger and resentment," Karpovsky told And what can girls who watch Girls learn about boys? "They can learn a tremendous amount, but I want the show to speak for itself in that respect," Karpovsky said. Intriguing!

Plus, learn more about the Girls costumes!

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