Alexandra Whittaker
Dec 14, 2017 @ 12:30 pm

Andrew Garfield is opening up about his relationship with drugs.

The actor is on the cover of ES Magazine's Theatre Awards issue, and he took the opportunity to shed some light on what he thinks of "substances" and the personal rituals he follows when taking them. 

“Drugs ... the word has such a stigma. I can only really take substances if it’s a ritual. I mean, weed, I can smoke because it’s just nice," he said. "But with hallucinogens, I have to do it in a very conscious way in a place where I feel free and safe and can have a freak out if I want to. I want to be able to express my insights.”


This is not the first time Garfield has talked about using drugs. According to Entertainment Tonight, he made comments earlier this year about a time when he ate pot brownies before going to Disneyland for his birthday with his now-ex girlfriend Emma Stone.

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In his recent interview, he conflated drug use and acting, calling the profession similarly addictive.

"That’s what makes [acting] so beguiling and so addictive," Garfield said. "You get to be bigger than what you are. You get to hold more than you. You get this divine dissatisfaction."


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