Kate Bosworth
Credit: Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Coachella

Leave it to Kate Bosworth to stand out among a sea of flower crowns and pastel dye jobs. For the first weekend of Coachella, the actress styled her lob in a grungy half bun, which she completed with a simple yet unexpected detail: a braided center part.

When trying the look at home, hairstylist Bridget Brager recommends starting with unwashed hair for better texture and grip. “Take a small section (no larger than the width of the tip of your ring finger) of hair where you would normally have a center part,” the pro tells InStyle. “This section should end at the crown of your head, just before your head starts to curve.” Next, take that section of hair and begin braiding it towards your forehead.

“Finish the braid where your hairline stops on your forehead and make two sections by splitting the third strand of the braid,” she adds (see below). Then, secure the plait with a bobby pin. Here's Brager's advice: “Push the pin up the middle of the braid as flat to the head as possible and split the lengths of the hair around the face to create framing,” she says.

Kate Bosworth
Credit: Courtesy of Bridget Brager

After sprinkling in some volumizing powder for added tousle, Brager gathered the star's strands into a messy half knot. She tucked any fallen pieces behind her ears and sprayed Bumble and bumble's Does It All Hairspray ($15; to finish off the look.