The 2015 Social Media Awards are here! See who's nominated, and cast your vote now

SMA - Sarah Jessica Parker
Credit: Instagram/sarahjessicaparker

A dozen categories. Sixty nominees. One-and-a-half million votes. This past August, we asked you to vote for your favorite social media savvy celebs, and you responded in droves. And now, we present you with the stars (including one adorable beagle-foxhood pooch) who triumphed in this year's #InStyleSMA competition.

Best Rookie of the Year

SMA - Sarah Jessica Parker
Follow her:Twitter @sjp Instagram @sarahjessicaparker Yes, since last November SJP has been tweeting about shoes—her 625,000+ Twitter followers can also find charitable causes worth checking out, updates on the latest book she’s reading, and retweets of shout-outs from fans. On Instagram, the actress’ 531,000+ followers have been privy to her NYC street musings since last November.
| Credit: Instagram/sarahjessicaparker

Relative newbie SJP garnered more than 800,000 followers in less than a year, and even recognized her nomination in this Instagram photo: "I'm so honored to be nominated!" she wrote Aug. 8. "This is thrilling as I've worked very hard to break into this new world."

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The Sexiest Man of Style

SMA - Justin Timberlake
Follow him: Twitter @jtimberlake Instagram @justintimberlake It’s not a bad thing to fall in love with JT. The singer that looks great in a suit and tie has over 33 million+ followers on Twitter and 4 million+ followers on Instagram.
| Credit: Instagram/justintimberlake

Is anyone really surprised at this win? It's quite clear the seductive singer steals hearts no matter the medium.

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Selfie Superstar

SMA 2014 - Ellen DeGeneres
Follow her: Twitter @TheEllenShow Instagram @TheEllenShow The talk show host, who posted an epic selfie during this year's Oscars, sure knows how to work the camera. And in case they miss it, her 29.7 million+ Twitter followers and 5 million+ Instagram followers can also catch her selfies on The Ellen Show. Shown here: DeGeneres is all smiles before grabbing a slice of pizza with her celeb pals. "Best photo ever."
| Credit: Twitter/TheEllenShow

The 2014 Oscars host, whose celebrity-studded selfie quickly became the most retweeted pic in history, beat out Miley Cyrus, James Franco, Kim Kardashian, and Rihanna for the title.

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Behind the Seams

SMA - Zac Posen
Follow him: Twitter @zac_posen Instagram @zac_posen The NYC-based designer’s 265,000 Twitter followers and 499,000+ Instagram followers get a glimpse inside Zac’s studio, from sketches to fittings and—of course—to the finished product! Shown here: #MagicInTheMaking for the upcoming collection!
| Credit: Instagram/zac_posen

Posen has powerful friends—@projectrunway and model @cocorocha encouraged followers to vote for him. But who does Posen credit his win to? "I have an incredibly loyal mother, who definitely clicked away," he told us. "And I have such a passionate following on my Instagram who are just avid, and so supportive."

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Ultimate Celebrity Do-Gooder

SMA 2014 - Sophia Bush
Follow her: @sophiabush The actress and activist considers herself a "storyteller" who tweets to update her 988,000+ followers about everything from breaking news to the latest fundraisers she?s supporting. Sample tweet: "Pouring over the news for days now. Still no words?An eye for an eye & the whole world is blind. Stop the violence. #Israel #Gaza #Ceasefire" Shown here: Bush at the Pathway to the Cures for Breast Cancer event. (A Fundraiser Benefiting Susan G. Komen, presented by Relativity Media, Pathway Genomics, and Evian Natural Spring Water in Santa Monica, C.A.)
| Credit: Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

She takes on Internet bullies and body-image issues, plus she retweets uplifting messages, like ones from Pencils of Promise.

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Best VIP Access

SMA 2014 - Nicole Richie
Follow her: Twitter @nicolerichie Instagram @nicolerichie Richie takes her 4.44 million+ Twitter followers and 2.2 million+ Instagram followers behind the scenes of her new series Candidly Nicole. Shown here: "Ladies Night @derekblasberg @mrjoezee @zac_posen #StyleAwards"
| Credit: Instagram/nicolerichie

Whether we’re ogling her outfits or sharing her candid moments, Richie rules on Instagram.

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Most Stylish #OOTD

SMA - Nicole Richie
Follow her: @nicolerichie The House of Harlow designer's 2.3 million+ Instagram followers can always turn to her 'grams for state-of-the-art outfit inspirations. Shown here: Richie looking fresh in all-white everything.
| Credit: Instagram/nicolerichie

And speaking of ogling outfits, Richie also took home the title of Most Stylish #OOTD, making her this year's sole two-time winner.

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Sweetest Family

SMA - Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka, Harper, and Gideon
Follow him: @instagranph The actor's 869,000+ followers can find an insight to his family life—from devouring oysters at Eataly to Easter egg hunting with twins Gideon Scott and Harper Grace, both 4. Shown here: The twins flashing smiles for the cam.
| Credit: Instagram/instagranph

You heart sweet snaps of the actor and upcoming Oscar host's husband, David Burtka, and their twins 4-year-old Gideon and Harper.

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Trendiest Teen Queen

SMA - Chloe Grace Moretz
Follow her: Twitter @chloegmoretz Instagram @cmoretz It's no surprise that the 17-year-old actress has over a million followers on Twitter and Instagram, thanks to behind-the-scenes posts on everything from her red carpet appearances to more casual sports outings. Shown here: Moretz chilling at a hockey game with her big bro, Ethan.
| Credit: Instagram/cmoretz

The 17-year-old won with 739,133 votes—the most of any nominee ever.

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Top Social TV Star

Credit: Instagram/kerrywashington

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Instagram @kerrywashington
The Scandal star lets her secrets out via tweets and 'grams—her 1.69 million+ Twitter followers and 718,000+ Instagram followers get the inside scoop on what the actress is up to with her friends and famous co-workers.
Shown here: Washington nabs a bite of gluten-free pizza backstage at the Oscars.


“OMGoodness!” was her reaction to the Gladiators who helped her clinch the win.

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Most Stylish Pet

SMA - Andy Cohen's Dog, Wacha
Follow him: @therealwacha The talk show host's adopted canine pal has over 54,000+ followers who can catch a glimpse of his appearances behind the scenes at Watch What Happens Live. Shown here: Andy and Wacha posing for a snapshot selfie.
| Credit: Instagram/therealwacha

The TV personality’s rescue pup, Wacha, was rescued from a kill shelter. Now he kills it with cuteness on Instagram.

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Celebrity That Makes Us LOL

SMA - Anna Kendrick
Follow her: @annakendrick47 Quirky, cute, and funny, the 28-year-old actress keeps her 2.6 million+ followers laughing with her sarcastic tweets while filming on set. Sample tweet: "Good news from the set of Pitch Perfect. Beca still mostly wears long pants and boots, so I basically never have to shave my legs. Or feet." Shown here: Kendrick keeping it comfy with a #SweatpantTuxedo between #NightShoots
| Credit: Instagram/annakendrick

With tweets like this—“Why do I buy cooking magazines in airports? I might as well be buying porn. I get all excited, but there’s nothing I can do about it”—we have yet another reason why we can't shake our girl crush.

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