By Jonathan Borge
Updated Feb 15, 2018 @ 7:15 pm
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While you were busy raising a glass with your galentines or prepping a Valentine's Day gift, Amy Schumer was experiencing her first full day as a married woman on Wednesday.

The comedian walked down the aisle to exchange vows with chef Chris Fischer on Tuesday during a gorgeous seaside Malibu ceremony, where guests included Jennifer Aniston and BFF Jennifer Lawrence.

The most important detail? Her wedding dress. Schumer celebrated her big day in a white A-line Monique Lhuillier gown with a full train and floral lace detailing.

That wasn’t enough to satisfy our craving for more info, so we turned to Schumer’s stylist, Leesa Evans, for all of the details.

When did you first start searching for the dress?
It really was a very simple idea. Amy had sent me a text, "Hey, call me when you wake up tomorrow, Chris and I are gonna get married," which was really adorable. I woke up in the morning to that text and I giggled and thought, "This doesn’t surprise me at all because they’re deliriously happy." He’s an amazing person and I love him and she’s an amazing person and I love her, and together they really complement each other so well.

How did you know this Monique Lhuillier gown was THE ONE?
When she got to the office [the next day] it was just all so easy. She stepped right into it and we just knew it was right. It was the only dress Amy ever tried on and she didn’t have any preconceived ideas about what she wanted to wear, and I didn’t have any ideas of what I wanted for her to wear. I just knew that we would know it when we tried it. It was an effortless and simple sort of magic to putting on that dress, which is sort of how the wedding itself came together and the day itself, and the experience that we all had. When she put on the dress it was like, "I feel really comfortable, I feel really good." We both just looked at each other and said, "Let’s go with it. Why make it more complicated than needed?"

What was Amy’s reaction after trying it on?
The mood was extremely joyful, like exited and, "This is fun," and with a lighthearted kind of whimsy to it. We all kind of took on that same attitude throughout the whole process. It just felt like, "Oh, this is all just kind of perfect." And so no one questioned it and there was no stress. It was all like, "This is fun, can’t wait for the next day to see how it all unfolds."

Let’s talk about her accessories.
Amy, in general, is not a person who ever really wears accessories. She sort of has that "simple-is-best mentality," which I love about her because it’s just the least amount of complications. She and I both have focused so much about how she feels and second to that how she looks. Confidence is something that’s so much more attractive than any outfit could ever be and Amy has really adopted that philosophy and run with it in her life. When she feels comfortable, she feels good, and she feels able to do anything. And that was kind of the tone in general to the dress. This is the first time she really is wearing any jewelry, and it’s the ring that Chris gave her when he proposed to her.

And what about her shoes?
She wore her favorite most comfortable flats and those are the Chloé scalloped white flats. It was really simple and came together. She just wanted to feel herself and feel comfortable and just enjoy the experience and not have any complications."

Did she follow the something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue tradition?
Jennifer Lawrence showed up and brought her something borrowed and something blue. It was perfect.

For the after-party, what did she change into?
We just wanted something easy and simple for her to wear to dance in, and that was a slip dress by The Row. It was great. And again, it was the only thing we ever tried on so it was just like, "Here’s a party dress." She wasn’t sure if she would change or not. But then if she felt like really dancing she might want to change into something just a little bit more simple, and that was an easy thing for her to throw on. It was really just like that. It was so great.

Did you help select her pink bridesmaids dresses?
She wanted Kim, her sister, to really wear, she just said, like a puff of pink. And so we kind of giggled about it. We also just thought if you’re gonna get married, let’s just bring out the bridesmaids dresses. What’s the quintessential bridesmaids dress, we said? It’s like a puff of pink and flower wreath and a little basket of pedals.

This sounds like the easiest wedding of all time.
Honestly, it was, and I think it’s because everyone involved in it, Chris and Amy, set the tone. But everyone is so in support and enamored in their relationship and how they’re living their lives together that it was just so easy to help support them do this.

What should every woman bring with her when wedding dress shopping?
When you’re shopping for a wedding dress, what is the dress that you could wear that would help support the joyful occasion? You don’t want to be in a dress that’s uncomfortable and as a result of it being uncomfortable, that’s something that you remember and associate with this beautiful day.

How was dressing Amy for her wedding different than dressing her for the red carpet?
I tried to approach it really in the same way that I style Amy in general because I think that she and I both agree that the clothing is also less important, ultimately, than the feeling of wearing the clothing. People who are looking at the red carpet or looking at celebrity weddings, I think that they think, "Oh, well I could never achieve that." But in reality, we all can achieve this, but it’s about us as individuals, it’s not about trying to emulate somebody else. It’s about being true to yourself.