By Meredith Lepore
Sep 04, 2015 @ 9:00 am
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Amy Schumer knows how to do Throwback Thursday right. Yesterday, the Trainwreck actress shared an endearing snapshot of what looks like a pre-teen Schumer dancing alongside her sister, Kim Caramele. Her younger sibling, who is now her road manager and collaborator, wears a purple nightgown while Schumer sports a black dress emblazoned with a white question mark in the Instagram photo. Schumer wrote in the caption, "I want to dance with somebody":

I want to dance with somebody #roadmanager #tbt

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Here's what the two sisters look like now:

Press in Switzerland with #roadmanager

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It seems dancing to classics was a big part of Schumer's childhood as earlier this summer she shared an epic throwback video of her performing to Madonna's "Like a Prayer" as a kid.

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And she still loves dancing to classics. Let's not forget the other day when she and Jennifer Lawrence stopped by Billy Joel's Wrigley Field concert for a little piano-top dancing to "Uptown Girl" much to the audience's delight. Watch the video Schumer posted here:


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