By Sam Reed
Updated Apr 26, 2018 @ 4:00 pm

Amy Schumer has come forward with her own #MeToo moment.

Though the I Feel Pretty star has previously joked about her experience with sexual assault in her standup routines, she got serious in a new sit down interview with Oprah for OWN's "Super Soul Conversations." The actress explained how she lost her virginity to her boyfriend while she was asleep, and her consequential struggle to understand and deal with the experience.

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“I didn’t consent. We hadn’t discussed it,” she says. “We weren’t there in our relationship." She adds that initially, she even grappled with the idea of calling the experience rape.

“I called it ‘grape’—gray area rape,” Schumer explains of how she addressed the situation in her comedy. It was a gray area, she says, because the situation was contradictory to what society had defined as assault. "[Assault was] about a guy popping out from a bush while you’re in a park," she notes. "They don’t say it could be a guy you know really well."

Though her own experience made her admittedly angry and hurt, she was conflicted because, "this isn’t someone that I wanted to see rotting in a jail cell, but what he did to me was wrong."

By folding the story into her routines, Schumer hoped she could "make people laugh while they learned." “I would say, ‘if she’s asleep, that’s a no,’ just hoping that a couple of guys would see that.”

In hindsight, Schumer tells Oprah that she sees the situation differently now. When asked if she still considers her experience as a "grape," she replies, “Personally, I feel like I lost my virginity through rape.”