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Aug 26, 2015 @ 8:30 am
Robert Trachtenberg / Trunk Archive

Some people might taken offense if you compare them to the people in American Gothic. Comedian and actress Amy Schumer, however, is totally on board with the comparison.

On Monday, somebody posted the following musing on Twitter: “I think I have revealed a genealogy line for @amyschumer. The American Gothic lady could be an ancestor #NoDisrespect.” Schumer responded in the best way possible: by recruiting actor J.K. Simmons to join her in recreating Grant Wood’s iconic 1930 painting:

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Schumer sent this response after just a few hours, which raises the following question: How was she able to meet up with J.K. Simmons so quickly? Are they already friends? Had they already taken this photo to save it for the perfect opportunity?

The next day, the Art Institute of Chicago, which houses the original American Gothic painting, chimed in:

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