By Jennifer Davis
Updated Apr 19, 2018 @ 8:30 pm

If you've ever wondered what BFFs Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence text about, you're not alone. Even Ellen DeGeneres is curious.

So when Schumer stopped by The Ellen Show this week to promote her new movie I Feel Pretty, the talk show host brought up the question, and on Thursday fans and DeGeneres finally got an answer.

Schumer took to her Instagram Stories to share a screenshot of her most recent text exchange with Lawrence, and it's just as hilarious as you'd expect.

In the conversation Schumer shared, Lawrence wants to know if the actress and her new husband, Chris Fischer, are free to hang out on a Friday night. "What're you doing tonight? You and chris wanna get dinner? Or hang?" Lawrence asks Schumer. When she doesn't get an immediate response she lets Schumer know she "about to go to the park."

Before Schumer can even reply, Lawrence cancels on her. "Haha I can’t get dinner tonight I have plans," she writes.

Two hours later Schumer simply replies: "Good talk."

While their conversation seems like a typical yet hysterical exchange, we also must note that Schumer has her BFF's name stored as "JLaw."

Jennifer Lawrence Amy Schumer Text - Embed
Credit: Amy Schumer/Instagram

If you want more of the two of them together, don't worry—the movie that they've been working on is almost ready. In March, Lawrence confirmed that the highly-anticipated comedy has been completed.

“We just had a table read two weeks ago,” she explained. “We’ve completed format, and we need a director and we need a date.”