By Shalayne Pulia
Updated Apr 20, 2018 @ 2:45 pm
I Feel Pretty Amy Schumer
Credit: Mark Schäfer/STX Films

Today, Amy Schumer premieres her new movie, I Feel Pretty, in which the comedic star plays a woman who struggles with insecurities—until one day, she hits her head and wakes up more confident in her looks and life than ever.

It’s not coincidence that the film’s costume designer, Leesa Evans, specializes in dressing for body confidence and is Schumer’s off-screen stylist too. What kind of clothes does Schumer put on when she’s looking for a self-esteem boost? Evans tells InStyle she prefers to wear simple, comfortable outfits as often as possible.

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In fact, Evans admits that most of the floral and loud-patterned costumes in I Feel Pretty may turn Schumer’s character into her fiercest self, but they would never make their way to Schumer’s own closet. "She's a person that feels best when she's relaxed. Whether she's walking the red carpet or she's just having dinner with her husband or hanging out with some friends, there's a simplicity to it that I think that she feels good in because she feels like she's being the best version of her,” Evans says.

I Feel Pretty - Embed - 2
Credit: Mark Schäfer/STX Films

But there was one I Feel Pretty outfit that Schumer just had to keep for herself post-filming: An unicorn T-shirt. "There's a scene where she's feeling a bit down, and she's watching that movie Big and she gets inspired to go make a wish in the fountain in the rain. I had found this absolutely adorable, pink-and-purple unicorn T-shirt that just says so much about her," Evans says. "It was the one piece that she was like, ‘I have to wear that unicorn T-shirt.’ The day we finally got clearance to use it, I've never seen so much joy light up anyone's face.”

Evans says Schumer and her sister actually make a habit of wearing cute, matching clothes with animal depictions on them. "Amy and her sister Kim love all kinds of animal T-shirts and sweatshirts, and it's kind of adorable, so whenever I find something that they can wear as sisters I'll always get it!”

Leesa Evans
Credit: Stylist Leesa Evans. Courtesy

While the movie is all about finding confidence, its trailer actually received early backlash; people claimed that it promoted the message that confidence stems from body image alone. The cast and producers urged viewers to wait until seeing the full film before jumping to conclusions, which is a sentiment that Evans echoes. "The movie is about how we feel about ourselves and how we can see ourselves one way and then suddenly we can re-frame what we think is possible for our own lives," she says. "I think that message is that we can choose to decide that we are worth the life that we have only ever dreamed of."

Evans believes that clothes can play a major role in helping people to find that inner confidence, which is why she was so keen to work on the project with Schumer. "Some clothing, when we put it on, just makes us feel like the best version of ourselves,” she says.

I Feel Pretty Amy Schumer
Credit: Mark Schäfer/STX Films

Keeping that philosophy in mind, Evans and Schumer have an approach when it comes to dressing her for events. “She's not a person that's ever loved wearing jewelry, so the outfit really needs to stand on its own. But knows herself so much now, when it comes to clothing. When something is the shape that makes her feel good, it's like suddenly like, ‘That's the right shirt, and that's the right pant, and that's the right skirt.’ Because the shape feels like it's true to her,” says Evans.

That may work for Schumer, but Evans has a tip that will help every woman stand tall while going shopping: Don’t look in the mirror unless you already feel great about the piece you’re trying on. "When you go into a dressing room and you put on a shirt, ask yourself how does this feel? Before you even look in the mirror," Evans says. "When you try something on and it doesn't feel good, there's no point to go any further because the feeling is so much more important than how it looks."