Lara Walsh
Oct 24, 2016 @ 10:45 am

Let's be real, no one can slay quite like Beyoncé, but Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn are giving us a good laugh trying to get in formation, Queen Bey-style, in a video parody of the hit single from the singer's video album, Lemonade.

The comedian took to Twitter on Friday to tease the elaborately choreographed lip sync video before releasing it on Tidal, writing, "When on an island with @goldiehawn @iamwandasykes & Joan Cusack... you listen to @beyonce and get in formation."

The funnywoman then took to her YouTube account to share the hilarious clip, which features her and Hawn getting in formation by lip syncing and dancing against the backdrop of a jungle and an urban landscape. Similar to the actual Beyoncé video, many talented women are featured showing off some on-point dance moves in a variety of random locations, like a mall and a war zone, and there is plenty of twerking, shimmying, and even a random cow and goat thrown in the mix!

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Check out the whole video above.

If you love this hilarious duo, get ready for more laughs when you see the pair, along with Joan Cusack, in their upcoming film, which is described as an "Untitled Mother-Daughter/Action Comedy" and has a release date of May 2017.

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