Amy Schumer's Dad Had the Sweetest Reaction When He Met Goldie Hawn

Photo: Lloyd Bishop/NBC/Getty

And the daughter of the year award goes to... Amy Schumer.

The comedian made her dad's dreams come true when she introduced him to her Snatched co-star Goldie Hawn, and the moment couldn't have been anymore heartwarming. The 35-year-old set up the meeting between the actress and her super-fan father Gordon—who suffers from multiple sclerosis—and shared a touching video of the encounter on her Instagram account to document the event.

In the clip, Schumer asks her dad, "Why are you crying?"

"The weather," he jokes, before saying that he’s about to meet the Overboard star.

She then urges him to play it cool, but he simply can't hold back his tears. "Dad, play it cool,” Amy says. "You have to play it really cool." Hawn then walks through the door, and quickly becomes teary eyed herself. "Oh my God, I’m emotional too," she tells Gordon. "I’m so happy to be here."

"My dad meeting the love of his life @officialgoldiehawn," Schumer captioned the 'gram.

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She also posted a photo from the special meeting, which shows her excited father talking to Hawn.

File this under too sweet for words.

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